About us

TOP-IT Solutions is a specialist that can offer consultancy, training and realization of IT and domotics solutions.

We focus on the customer

We help customers by providing adequate and future-proof IT and domotics solutions. We differentiate ourselves through experience, pragmatism, state of the art solutions and focus on customer value.

We provide a challenging working environment 

We offer employees a challenging, modern and safe working environment. We help employees with their personal development and encourage them to take up responsibility.‚Äč

We offer and build strong partnerships

We realize IT and domotics solutions with the help of strategic and best-in-class partners. 

We continue to learn and innovate

TOP-IT Solutions was founded on the 5th of January 2001 by Nicky Wessels. He recognized early on the benefits of digital transformation and the value it can bring to customers.
Over the years we build a pragmatic step wise approach and a full set of services and solutions to help customers with their digitization projects.